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Tornado Damage Update June 30, 10am

Went out to the building yesterday. Things are moving along. Talked to the building manager who informed me that they are doing an air quality check tomorrow. If the report is good we can get in there and start cleaning up. They should have that report by Tuesday at the latest. Our rubber flooring in the play areas is bubbled up in a lot of spots making it a trip hazard. Looks like we may have to replace that. That was put in before the fencing so not sure how that will work. Some bad news is that the new air conditioning units won’t arrive for some time. So now checking out windowless room air conditioning units. Hopefully we can get those set up in the sleeping areas. We have always had large fans in the play areas but AC in all the other areas. On a happier note we are still planning on participating in the Darien Independence Day parade on Monday, July 5th. Hope to see you there!

Tornado Damage Update June 24, 4:30pm

Sounds like things are moving along. A crew is coming in to clean up the parking lot, fire alarm testing has started, and crews are coming in to clean up each unit starting next week. This is all good news but still no commitment as to when the clean up will be finished. Maybe once the cleanup crew gets in there next week we can get a time estimate. Thank you for all your encouraging words and support!

Tornado Damage June 22, 12pm

Still no news as when or if we will be back in the building. Building manager was meeting with the insurance adjuster this morning. A special shout out to all our customers who have sent such words of encouragement and love. We miss you all already! Also I would like to thank the storm chasers who helped me evacuate the dogs that night. We were able to do it very quickly with all their help. And also special thanks to Sgt Skweres of the Darien Police Department who was able to get me to the scene to remove the dogs. You can see the group of storm chasers that helped in the NBC news story I posted below.

Tornado Damage Update June 21, 5:30pm

Sorry to say it’s bad news. There was quite a bit of damage to the building. We just came back from retrieving some our things and had a chance to look over our area. The roof in the back of the warehouse has separated from the back wall and the roof is leaking in various areas. Our area had minimal damage compared to some of the other units. Two huge roof air conditioning units are just gone. Probably in someone’s back yard. I don’t know when we will be back in the building. We will just take it day by day and keep everyone updated.

Tornado Damage Update June 21, 10:30am

Talked to building manager. Unlikely we will get access to the building today. Building will need to be inspected and declared safe before we can resume business. There is a possibility that we can enter later to retrieve some things but that would be it. I think it would be safe to say there will be no day care tomorrow. If you were supposed to drop off or pick up a boarding dog tomorrow, please call my cell, 630-660-0086.

Tornado Damage Update June 21, 8am

They are working on the power line right in front of our driveway so still no access to the building. ComEd is saying around 6pm. I am trying to forward the phone to my cell but that will only work as long as my power backup for the phone modem has power. If anyone was scheduled to board today please call my cell at 630-660-0086. Thank you everyone for your patience. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our scheduled day care dogs and evaluations that were scheduled today. We could not access our computer or paperwork to get to your phone numbers. Will continue to update as information comes in.

Tornado Damage Update June 21, 5:30am

Update on our building. There are still electrical wires down so until that is resolved we cannot open for business. If not resolved by 7am we will make arrangements for those who need to pick up their dogs this morning.
Update on dogs. They were all excited about the car ride to my house. Some settled in and went to sleep. Others decided to stay up all night and have a house party. I haven’t had an all nighter in quite awhile.

Tornado Damage June 21, 3am

Hello all. I wanted to inform everyone that a section of the building that we are in had a roof collapse. Our area of the building was left all intact but we were evacuated as a precaution. All the dogs staying with us are safe and sound at my home. We are waiting to hear when we can re-enter. I will post any updates as I receive them.