A Day in the Life of a Dog

We would like for you to walk on all fours for a day with Bailey at doggie day care. Be with her from the time she gets there till the time she go’s home. Meet all the other dogs she meets. See all the things she sees. Play with all the things she plays with. Have all the dogtastic fun right along with her.

Bailey starts her day off with walking into Dogtastic Fun Dog Day Care and Boarding in Woodridge. She has come today because there’s no one at home to play with all day and she loves to play. Today she has brought her very best ball and can’t wait to get started. A little over excited when she came in. She gets her collar and heads off for the quiet room into a crate that will be hers for the day. She will be fed, given any medicine she may need for the day, and get ready for play. Once everyone is in for the day she’s off to the grass area for a quick pit stop to empty out. From there she heads off to the Balloon Land arena to spend her day.

She make’s best friends with Payton and they spend the day together. First they run back and forth chasing each other to get the day started. They lap up some water and play tug-of- war. Payton stops off to get a few Z’s and Nikole our friendly dog sitter plays with Baily. They play catch with Bailys very loved ball. Baily feels the need to make another pit stop and Nicole calls Sue to stop on by and take Bailey to the grass. When she gets back she meets up with her good friend Payton for some more tug-of- war. They bump and play with the others and have a good old time.

Noon comes around fast with all this fun. Bailey takes a stop off at the grass area just in case. From there she goes into her crate for a little down time. She gets a little snack sent from home and has a nap. Time to get up. Ready to start the second half of the day she stops on by the grass and heads back to Balloon Land. Payton headed out for the day so she teams up with Prince for a little tug-of-war. There are all kinds of toys being tossed around so they give up the rope and play with everyone for a game of fetch.

The day has come to an end. Bailey has one last time in the grass area and goes off to her crate. There she will have time to settle down before mom comes by to pick her up. When mom gets there Bailey comes out to meet her. Mom is filled in about her Dogtastic fun time at day care and boarding in Woodridge. We look forward to seeing Bailey again for her day at day care and a bath on Monday.