New Dog Day Care in Woodridge

There’s a new dog day care in Woodridge and we would like to tell you about it. Dogtastic Fun is a new facility in Woodridge with all new equipment and toys. It has 4 play arenas that have rubber flooring to help provide your dog with a safe non-slip, joint friendly and clean surface to play on. Each area has different sized play equipment and off the ground beds for any dog that may need a quick nap or just a break from running and playing. In each area there is also a crate for your dog to have a getaway if needed. We offer a variety of toys to keep them happy and busy all day long.

Our nap room offers a nice quiet environment for your dog to wind down and relax between the morning and afternoon playtimes. We offer crates of all sizes with a nice soft mat. Each guest is provided with his or her own crate for a safe and calm nap time. All overnight guests will have an oversized crate assigned to them throughout their stay.

We have a dog loving staff that is Red Cross trained in pet first aid and staff on site that are trained to give all medication such as pills, liquids, and insulin shots. We also have extensive experience with special needs and older dogs. So come see our new dog day care and boarding facility in Woodridge and let our friendly dog loving staff make your dog and family a part of ours.

Dogtastic Fun is the first dog day care in Woodridge and is located in the heart of travel on Lemont Road between Plainfield and 75th street. We are up the road from I-55 and around the corner from the I-355 tollway. Our location is great for on the way to work drop off and on the way home pick up. Hope to see you soon.