Tornado Damage Update June 30, 10am

Went out to the building yesterday. Things are moving along. Talked to the building manager who informed me that they are doing an air quality check tomorrow. If the report is good we can get in there and start cleaning up. They should have that report by Tuesday at the latest. Our rubber flooring in the play areas is bubbled up in a lot of spots making it a trip hazard. Looks like we may have to replace that. That was put in before the fencing so not sure how that will work. Some bad news is that the new air conditioning units won’t arrive for some time. So now checking out windowless room air conditioning units. Hopefully we can get those set up in the sleeping areas. We have always had large fans in the play areas but AC in all the other areas. On a happier note we are still planning on participating in the Darien Independence Day parade on Monday, July 5th. Hope to see you there!